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Yksi suosikeistamme kohteessa Žabljak! Situated within 2.1 km of Crno Jezero Lake and 11 km of Viewpoint Tara Canyon in Žabljak, Apartments Grbović offers accommodation with a kitchen.

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The Prince of Peremyshl was the ruler of the Principality of Peremyshl , a city-state in medieval Rus' the following is a list of its princes: Term Prince's name Reference Remarks 1085–1092 Ryurik Rostislavich 1092–1124 Volodar Rostislavich Previously Prince of Zvenigorod (1084–1092); fought many wars against the Poles, becoming their prisoner briefly in 1121. 1124–1129 Rostislav.

Rogneda of Polotsk (962–1002) is the Slavic name for Ragnhild, was a Princess consort of Rus. She was the daughter of Ragnvald (Slavic: Rogvolod) came from Scandinavia and established himself at Polatsk in the mid-10th century.

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