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Maribor – Pohorje. Maribor – Pohorje is a great starting point for those who want to discover the features of Eastern Slovenia. Ski slopes and hiking and mountain trails abound in the green hills of the Eastern-most part of Alpine Slovenia – and all just a stone’s throw.The longest and most incandescent track is “Twilight Kingdom,” which includes Stuart Duncan on fiddle, Jerry Douglas on dobro and David Grier on guitar.

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The charts below show how Slovene words are pronounced and how this is represented in Wiktionary. Accent and tone marks are not part of the standard orthography, but are found in dictionaries.Select a timezone from the list or the 'Automatic' option to autodetect the timezone. Autodetected timezones switch daylight saving time automatically, manually chosen options need to be adjusted to the daylight saving time manually.

Če bomo imeli srečo, bomo vsi stopili v jesen življenja. če znamo na prehrano paziti že prej (in seveda vadbo), super. nam bo kasneje v življenju lažje.Pri ukvarjanju s športom, bodisi rekreativno bodisi poklicno, je zelo pomembna prehrana. S pravilno prehrano je učinek vadbe prej opazen, pravilno sestavljen. S pravilno prehrano je učinek.